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Young Muslim Women’s Association (YMWA), formerly known as Auckland Muslim Girls Association (AMGA) was founded by a group of young women on 16th of September 2001.

The initiative to establish an organization emerged during a conference organized by the Muslim community on ‘Muslims living in the West’ that highlighted the lack of culturally appropriate services available to youth, especially young Muslim women.

YMWA is a not-for-profit and non-partisan organization that is committed to supporting and nurturing  Islamic identity and values among  Muslimahs in the Auckland region. We are an agency that prides itself on its open door policy and welcome members regardless of race, culture, religious practice or Islamic knowledge.

As the leading organization that focuses on serving the female population between the ages of 12 – 24, we work in four main areas – social activities, educational opportunities, annual camps, and sports.

The organization is managed by an executive committee of volunteers and is overseen by an Advisory Council.

Young Muslims Women’s Association Incorporated is a registered Charity dated 11/07/2012 (Registration Number: CC48410). It is also an Incorporated Society dated 09/07/12 (Incorporation Number: CC48410).


Camp 2012 Group Pic

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