Unique Logo to Represent YMWA

PRESS RELEASE: 24.09.2012


Young Muslim Women’s Association Incorporated (YMWA) were pleased to have launched their new, unique and modern logo on 23rd September 2012 at the Annual General Meeting.

Joint Winners Ronald T. Raharjo and Afifa Chida took awards for the winning logo from the August Logo Competition.

Several outstanding logo designs of high quality made the selection process very difficult on the judging panel. These two logos stood out in uniqueness, simplicity and meaning and YMWA was proud to award them as joint winners for the competition.

The Koru symbolises life, growth and Aotearoa. The two korus meeting together represents the meeting of two cultures. YMWA is an organisation that prides itself in its open policy to all ethnicities and cultures. With over twenty different ethnicities actively participating in YMWA’s programs this logo holds true to its image.

YMWA, is an organization that believes in inter cultural innovation and acknowledges the presence of their Islamic faith being recognized in Aotearoa, NZ.

The chosen design also has a subtle shape of a crescent and a heart. The crescent represents the birth of the new moon, following the Islamic lunar calendar and the heart represents love and sisterhood for which YMWA proudly stands with one of their key values being women empowerment.

Contemporary, exceptional and new, the Young Muslim Women’s Association Incorporated proudly launched their new logo with these anchoring principles taking the organisation direction towards continual growth.

Contact: ymwa.nz@gmail.com


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